How Can I Convince My Addicted Loved One to Try Rehab?

No one likes seeing someone they love and care about going through a self-destructive battle with drugs or alcohol. The person you knew so well at one point may now be someone you barely recognize, someone who is fighting their own internal war, invisible to everyone else.

You see all of this going on and you know you want to do something to help this person out, but what can you do? You don’t have to just sit by and watch them go further down this path, do you? You can always try to convince them to seek help.

Convincing Your Addicted Friend or Family Member to Find the Help They Need

It is important that you make sure your friend or family member who has an addiction problem know that you don’t think any less of them. They need to know that you’re coming to them from a place of warmth and love, not one of judgment. Let them know that you see the pain they are going through, and that you understand the struggle they are dealing with.

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Your addicted friend or family member already knows they have probably disappointed some of the people who care about them. Don’t make your focus in the conversation be about negative things, but of positive ones. Praise your addicted loved one for some of the great choices they’ve made in life, and remind them that finding a way to kick their addiction could help them get back to that place in their life.

Help your addicted friend or family member research options, should they choose to consider rehab. Let them know how they will be able to detox under the supervision of substance abuse treatment louisville professionals, people who are medically trained and know how to help addicts who are dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

Once the withdrawal process is complete, all that’s left is for your loved one to stay away from their old vices. Let them know that when they complete their time in rehab, you will help them do everything they can to forge a new path in life and avoid making the same choices that brought them to their current situation. If your friend or family member knows you love them, they’ll be listening to what you have to say.