What You Should Know About Partial Dentures

There are several options available for people who are missing one or more teeth. You can either go with dental implants, bridge work, or you can consider partial dentures. If you go with partial dentures woodbridge, there are some facts about the treatment that you should understand.

One of the most significant advantages about removable partial dentures is that you do not have to pay as much, especially compared to implants. If you are on a budget, but you also want to protect the health of your teeth and gums, dentures can help a lot.

Partial dentures are perfect when you have lost several teeth in a single spot. Say you were in an accident and two or three of the teeth at the front of your mouth fell out. Now you could go with implants, but it can get expensive. Going with dentures gives you the same aesthetic benefits, while costing a lot less.

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Dentures do have some downsides. One of the common issues is that it takes a few weeks to get used to having them in your mouth. Implants feel natural from the first day, but it can take a week, two or three before you feel as comfortable with partial dentures. But when you do get used to them, you will feel as if they are the same as your regular teeth.

Those who are considering an entire denture for the top of the bottom of their mouth should know that it is not necessary. A full denture is only useful if you have lost most of your teeth. If you still have more than half of the teeth in one section of your mouth, it is better to go with partial dentures so that you can save your natural teeth. It is also a cheaper procedure.